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Self-Guided Writing Retreat

While you’re staying at the Dreamers Writing Farm, participate in a self-guided writing retreat focused on writing to heal…

Find Your Words, Find Your Way

Embark on a self-guided writing retreat that not only nurtures your creative talents but also promotes personal growth and healing. Decades of research have uncovered the therapeutic benefits of writing, and regular engagement in “writing to heal” has been linked with improved self-esteem, a sense of calm, and a richer appreciation for a life well-lived.

During your stay at the Dreamers Writing Farm, take some time to explore your unique story. Our self-guided writing retreat is designed to explore themes of healing connected to your lived experience. Using creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry and journaling, you will:

Master the art of re-storying self

Dive into the world of expressive writing

Uncover the secrets of the “transformation-through-writing model”

Healing writing can help you find your authentic writing voice, making you both a healthier person and a better writer. Do you want to learn how to reflect inward and unlock what you keep hidden, even from yourself? Find out how expressive writing leads to deeper self-acceptance and healing.

Retreat Cost:


CAD per kit

How to Sign-up:

When you book your stay at the Dreamers Writing Farm, simply add the Writing Retreat Kit to your reservation. You can add 1 or 2 Writing Retreat Kits to your stay. Embark on this writing journey solo, or make memories with a companion!

The Retreat Kits:

A carefully curated collection of instructional content, stimulating writing exercises, and valuable print resources, PLUS, unlimited access to our exclusive online Healing Writing workshop and enriching video tutorials, PLUS, a beautiful notebook and pen, and a collection of thoughtfully chosen gifts to keep the inspiration flowing. *The kits will be provided to you when you arrive at the Dreamers Writing Farm.

The Retreat Experience:

Our 3-acre wooded property is designed to inspire writers like you. From our Secret Garden in the woods to our literary companions—the dwarf goats: The Brothers Grimm, and our Three Little Pigs—every corner of Dreamers is crafted to spark creativity.

This retreat is as flexible as you need it to be. Write at your own pace, at Dreamers or at home. The Retreat Kit is yours to keep forever, as is your access to the Healing Writing video lessons. There’s no pressure, only the freedom to write at the pace that suits you best.

Are you ready to embark on your Healing Writing Journey?

Reserve your Writing Retreat Kit when you book your stay and start your story of transformation!