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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have 1000 questions?

If you have questions, please help us out by reviewing our guest guide and these FAQs before sending us your questions directly. Google knows a lot too. It’s not that we don’t want to answer your questions, it’s just that these questions can really suck away a lot of our time that we’d rather spend on updating our property and your experience with us. We are a small family run business, we work 7 days a week, and as you can imagine, we get lots of questions at all times of day or night. We have done our best to make everything as self-serve as possible, and we consider that one of the best parts about Dreamers. Please try to keep in mind that you have booked our place, you haven’t booked us. That being said, if you’ve reviewed everything and you still have questions, feel free to send an email to or send a text to: 1-519-715-8878, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Please give us 24 to 48 hours to respond to non-urgent questions.

What is the address of the Dreamers Writing Farm?

585 Bruce Street, Hepworth, Ontario, Canada

*Sometimes GPS shows Town of South Bruce instead of Hepworth, so watch for that.

Where do I find the Guest Guide?

Our guest guide, filled with all the details you’ll need for your stay, can be found here.

Are pets allowed?

Small dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash at all times, and they must not be left alone at any time. Big dogs are not allowed as they are a danger to our livestock. Please let us know when you book if you plan to bring a dog. Please note that cats are not allowed as many people are highly allergic to cats.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you’ve booked with us directly, we offer a full refund if you cancel up to 5 days in advance of your stay. Once you are within 5 days, we no longer offer a refund if you cancel. This is because your booking held the space so nobody else could book it and we now don’t have time to rebook with someone else.

Some booking platforms offer a lower priced non-refundable booking rate. This means if you agree upfront that your reservation is non-refundable, you can save a bit on the cost of the reservation. But, this also means your reservation is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Some booking platforms ONLY offer non-refundable bookings, or they have different cancellation rules. We don’t control this. Please contact your booking platform if you want to try to cancel a reservation of this type. There are no options in these cases for us to cancel on your behalf.

We strongly recommend that you book with us directly for a number of reasons, including – 1) We are better able to service your booking for things like date changes, cancellations, room changes, etc., and 2) There are no commission fees to third-party platforms like Expedia,, etc., which means the cost is lower. Sometimes booking platforms offer discounts we’re not aware of. If you see a lower price elsewhere, let us know and we’ll match it plus offer an additional 5% off. Email:

How do I check in?

We offer self check-in using a code. When you book, you will receive an email that contains the name of the space you’ve booked, and the code to check-in. PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNKMAIL FOLDER. We automatically send check-in information immediately after you book. We also automatically send another message on the morning of the day of your check-in. If you booked last minute, you may receive both of these messages at the same time.

The bunkies have lockboxes. Open the box to take out the key.

The tents have combination locks. Use the code to open the lock.

The Dreamers Studio has an automatic door that will unlock when you enter your check-in code. It will lock behind you as you come and go.

If you cannot find your check-in email, you will receive another one on the day of check-in between 10am and 12pm. Please check your junkmail folder for these emails, or if you booked via an online platform, you will also find this information in the booking platforms messaging system (if there is one – sometimes there isn’t). Log into your booking platform to locate your messages.

If you booked with AirBnB, then please note that this information is visible to you from inside the AirBnB app. If you go to the message section, you’ll see information buttons at the top of your message section that contains your code and instructions.

Please do not arrive here without your check-in info and then get angry when we don’t instantly respond to your messages looking for it. We are happy to help you out if you arrive here without it, but we may not see your email/text/instant message right away so please be patient and remember to always BE KIND!

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check in is anytime at or after 3pm. Check out is by 11 am.

If you plan to arrive late, make sure you have your check-in code as we put our phones on silent when we’re asleep and cannot offer check-in support after 9:30 pm.

*We don’t offer early or late check-ins during the busy season as we need time to clean between bookings and during this season we are always full.

What are some local area attractions and restaurants?

Here is a blog post we wrote with the top 15 attractions in the area that we recommend.

Here is a publicly available guidebook we created on AirBnB that contains local amenities, restaurants, and services.

*Are you planning a trip to Tobermory to see the Grotto? RESERVE YOUR PARKING IN ADVANCE! If you don’t reserve your parking in advance, you won’t get in unless you line-up before 7am to get one of the very small number of daily parking passes they offer.

Is the traffic loud at night?

You can hear traffic during the day as we are located next to highway 6. At night, the traffic becomes very light so while you can still hear it, it’s much more infrequent at night. Also, the Munro and Wagamese bunkies at the back of our property and our Dreamers Studio are far from the highway, so they are quiet. Please do not book with us if the sound of traffic bothers you. Most people find it minimal, but if you are particular when it comes to traffic sounds, you may want to consider staying elsewhere.

Is the water potable (drinkable)?

Yes. It is from our well which has a fancy attached filtration system (best I could find). We fill a water dispenser in our outdoor kitchenette but if that runs empty, the water from the outside sink, inside sink, and tap outside the garage is all drinkable.

Do you have free WIFI?

Yes, look for the wavlink-n network. The pw is dreamers. This wifi can be used from the Dreamers Studio and all the bunkies, but it does not work out in the tents as they are in the woods and this is a line-of-sight network. However, guests staying in the tents can access the wifi from the outdoor kitchenette and the communal firepit.

Guests of the Dreamers Studio can access the wavlink-n network, but Studio guests can also access WIFI from a private network. Login details for this network are written on the Studio modem located beside the TV.

What does the outdoor kitchenette include?

*Please note: The outdoor kitchenette is seasonal. During winter months, our winterized bunkies come equipped with a small fridge, keurig, and microwave as an alternative. In the summer months, the shared kitchenette is open and there is no kitchen equipment in any individual bunkie (or we’ll blow a fuse as we have too many bunkies in the summer to accommodate having them equipped with kitchen appliances, hence the shared kitchen).

The outdoor kitchenette has a small tuck shop of snack items and drinks available for purchase. There is also a keurig and free k-cups that you can use to make coffee. Please take only 2 free coffees per guest per day or you’ll drink us out of house and home. We provide complimentary sugar, sweetener, cream and milk for the coffee. The outdoor kitchenette also has a microwave available for guest use. We have added a garden sink that guests can use as well. There is also a table and set of chairs, as well as firewood, propane, and charcoal that can be purchased. Purchase prices and instructions are written on a sign in the outdoor kitchenette. We do not provide dishware, or pots or pans. We only provide BBQ utensils and cups for the complimentary coffee. We’d like to be able to provide dishware, but we’re not willing to do everyone’s dishes. Please feel free to bring your own cooking supplies. There are also numerous restaurants in Wiarton, Sauble Beach and Owen Sound, and we are 2 minutes from a Tim Horton’s coffee shop that is open all night. To pay for tuck shop items, send an etransfer to or you can also put cash into the locked cashbox on the post in the outdoor kitchenette.

What does the private Studio kitchen include?

The private kitchen in the Studio is fully equipped (well, I think so but I’m not a chef). It has pots and pans, dishware and utensils, including cooking utensils, can openers, a kettle, keurig, microwave, fridge, stove, sink, dishwasher, mugs, glasses, sharp knives, and wine glasses. There are also miscellaneous spices, complimentary k-cups, sugar and creamer.

Do you have private or shared bathrooms?

We have one unit that has a private bathroom. This unit is our Dreamers Studio (also knowns as the Cottage with Garden View on Our bunkies and tents have access to 2 shared bathrooms – one indoor bathroom, and one outdoor bathroom. Both have running hot water, showers, and sinks. The outdoor bathroom has a compost toilet and the indoor bathroom has a flush toilet.

*In winter (Nov. 1 to May 1 approx. depending on the weather) our winterized bunkies only include access to the outhouse with a compost toilet. Running water is not available as the pipes freeze, but we supply a washtub, soap, clothes and hand towels.

Do you provide bedding, pillows, and towels?

Yes, we supply bed sheets, pillows and pillowcases, a quilt or coverlet, and an extra blanket, in all units. The Studio bathroom has bath towels and our Bunkie and Tent guests will find the indoor bathroom stocked with bath towels for your use. We don’t supply beach towels so please bring your own. Do not use our towels anywhere other than in the indoor or outdoor bathroom.

Is there free parking available?

Yes, parking is free. We have a parking lot by our garage, and you can also park along the right side of our driveway. Please look for the parking signs. Please do not park on the grass except where there is a sign that says it’s okay. We’re pretty relaxed about parking though, so if you can fit and you’re not on the grass, you’re good! Just don’t block other vehicles or any doors, including the garage door.

Is there a firepit?

We have multiple firepits. There is a large communal firepit near the bunkies. Additionally there is a smaller one near our outdoor kitchen. Each tent has a small private firepit and our studio has a private firepit.

During the winter season, you may need to shovel snow out of the communal firepit. We only keep one or two bunkies available for renting each winter, and we have found that most people don’t use the firepits in winter. As a result, we don’t shovel it out daily. If you do want to use it, and you need help to shovel it out, just let us know. We are happy to help if given some advanced notice.

How do I build a fire?

Start by taking small pieces of wood and paper. You can light the paper with just a match or lighter and see if you can get a small fire going in the kindling, or you can try lighting a firestarter, or putting a little bit of lighter fluid on the paper and kindling before you light it. Once you’ve got a small fire burning with paper, kindling and small pieces of wood, add bigger logs on top but tilted so the fire underneath can still get oxygen. Make sure to put the fire out when you’re done and never leave a fire unattended.

What is GLAMPING and is that all you offer?

Glamping is the same as camping, except instead of bringing your own tent, bed and bedding, we provide a luxurious bed and linens in a nicely decorated bunkie or tent setup like a bedroom.

If you have booked our Dreamers Studio (also called Cottage with Garden View on then this is a traditional accommodation with a full kitchen and bathroom. This space is laid out like a studio apartment with a seating area and queen sized bed.

Do you sell firewood?

We sell firewood for $5 a bushel basket. You may also bring your own, but please make sure it is local to the area so you don’t pass diseases to our trees. To pay for the firewood, send an etransfer to or you can also put cash into the locked cashbox on the post in the outdoor kitchenette.

Do you have BBQs and are they charcoal or propane?

We have both propane and charcoal BBQs available for guest use. You’ll find one BBQ out front of every unit. There are also extra BBQs in the outdoor kitchenette. We sell both propane and charcoal in the outdoor kitchenette. You can purchase a bucket of charcoal for $5 or a small propane tank for $10. To pay for the charcoal or propane, send an e-transfer to or you can also put cash into the locked cashbox on the post in the outdoor kitchenette.

Can I bring a propane camping stove?

Yes, feel free to bring a camping stove.

Are there bugs?

Yes, there are mosquitos in the summer and other bugs like spiders, ladybugs, ants, centipedes, stink bugs, bees, and earwigs. This is the countryside. They mostly do not enter the units, but some will get in when the door is open. We’ve supplied a bug bat or fly swatter in all units. There are also 2 mosquito zappers outside on our property. Keep in mind that in the countryside, you will always find mosquitos at certain times of year. We recommend bug spray.

Is it dark there?

It is very dark here at night. We have some solar lights, and you’ll see very bright stars, but do not expect our property to be lit up like a skyscraper. This is not a city venue. Come prepared for the dark (remember that smartphones have flashlights). We also supply each space with a powerful lantern that you can use and carry around while you are on our property.

Are you 420 friendly?

Yes, but do not smoke indoors, only outside, and please be mindful of any children on the property.

Is there a fridge available that guests can use?

Our Dreamers Studio (also called the Cottage with Garden View) has a full kitchen with a fridge, stove and dishwasher. If you have booked a tent or a bunkie, then there is no guest fridge available (except in winter when the kitchenette is closed) so please come prepared with a cooler if you plan to store food while here. We have extra coolers if you need to borrow one while you’re here. In winter, our winterized bunkies are equipped with a bar fridge, microwave, and keurig. In summer, please use the shared facilities in the outdoor kitchenette.

Is there air-conditioning (A/C)?

The TENTS do not have air conditioning. All other units do have A/C, including the bunkies.

Is there heating?

Yes, the Studio, bunkies, and tents all have heating. In winter, we only rent out our insulated Studio and winterized bunkies. The rest of the year, all units come equipped with space heaters, except the Studio, which has a gas stove and in-floor heating in the bathroom.

There are extra blankets in a large plastic tote in the guest bathroom under the counter. Take whatever you need.

Do you have farm animals?

We have dwarf goats, known as The Brothers Grimm, and three little pigs called The Spice Girls. Our goats are named Gunther, Gus, Griffin, Harry Potter, and Huckleberry Finn, and our pigs are named Cinnamon, Sugar, and Coco. They are friendly. Please only feed them apples from our property or give them their feed. There is some in the outdoor kitchen that you can take to feed them with, but only a little!

Where can I find the outdoor kitchenette and the bathrooms?

Take a look at this property map.

The indoor bathroom door is located next to our garage door, the outdoor bathroom is beside the back building near the Munro bunkie, and the kitchenette is located near the garden boxes. The map of our property is in our guest guide and will tell you where each bunkie and tent are located, and where you can find the goats and pigs, and the secret garden.

Will I like glamping?

We can’t answer this question for you but here are some things to consider: Do you like regular camping? Do you mind the odd bug? Are you afraid of the dark? If you like regular camping, you’ll probably like glamping. If you’ve never been camping, try our Dreamers Studio first. If you are very picky, hard to please, or you’ve been called a Karen, Ken or a princess in the past, then you’ll hate it – don’t come.


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