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Join us at the Dreamers Writing Farm for an unforgettable stay!


The owners have curated an incredible experience here. Above and beyond my expectations. If you are a lover of travel and seeing the small beauties, you’ll feel the magic. Sad we could only stay a night. Thanks for sharing this place. And the secret garden!

Amy Tobin, Summer 2023


Dreamers Studio

Exquisite and highly-rated, this charming studio apartment offers everything you need for a delightful stay.

Atwood Bunkie

Experience the perfect harmony of modern comfort and rustic charm in our cozy Atwood glamping bunkie.

Brand Tent

Our sweet Brand glamping tent, named after the renowned Canadian author Dionne Brand, awaits your arrival.

Cohen Tent

Embrace the allure of nature and find tranquility in the simple elegance of our Cohen glamping tent.

Coupland Bunkie

Discover a blend of contemporary luxury and countryside charm in our snug Coupland Bunkie.

Munro Bunkie

Munro Bunkie

Retreat to the quaint Munro glamping bunkie, named for the renowned Canadian author, Alice Munro.

Wagamese Bunkie

Step into the cozy Wagamese glamping bunkie, a tribute to the celebrated Canadian author, Richard Wagamese.

Property Features and Amenities

During your stay at the Dreamers Writing Farm, visit our Secret Garden in the woods, experience a shower under the stars, enjoy our outdoor kitchenette, or hang out with our Three Little Pigs, and our dwarf goats, the Brothers Grimm.