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Enter your travel dates below to see what’s available at the Dreamers Writing Farm.

IMPORTANT: Prices shown include ALL taxes and fees. If you are comparing against various booking platforms (AirBnB, VRBO, etc.), please keep in mind that they show the nightly price before taxes and fees are added to the cost. These platforms take commission from both guests and hosts so booking with us directly and avoiding commission fees is very helpful.

We try to keep the prices on our own booking platform lower than other booking platforms, but sometimes these platforms run special deals we’re not aware of. If you see a lower price for the same dates on a different website, email with details of where you saw it and we will reduce our rates accordingly so you can book with us.

*If no options appear for a particular date within the next 6 months, this means we have no vacancies for the date(s) you specified. We work off a rolling 6 month calendar, so if your dates are more than 6 months in the future, booking online is not available, but feel free to email to book your stay.