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Why We Love Hosting with Airbnb

Finding Genuine Connections in a Digital Age

In a world filled with diverse booking platforms, Airbnb holds a special place in our hearts at the Dreamers Writing Farm. Amidst the buzz and mixed reviews surrounding Airbnb recently, our experience hosting with Airbnb stands as a testament to the platform’s potential to foster genuine connections and wonderful guest experiences.

1. Loyal Beginnings

Our hosting journey began with Airbnb. While we’ve expanded and collaborated with many booking platforms over time, the genuine charm of guests who book through Airbnb remains unparalleled. It feels like coming full circle every time we welcome an Airbnb guest, reminding us of our humble beginnings.

2. The Right Kind of Guest

One standout observation? Guests from Airbnb just get us. They come with the right expectations, having thoroughly gone through our literary-themed glamping descriptions. There’s a laid-back aura, a genuine curiosity, and a kindred spirit in most of them. They’re less demanding, more understanding, and their kindness shines through in every interaction.

3. Building Authentic Connections

Airbnb, with its community-driven approach, attracts travelers seeking unique experiences over mere accommodation. This aligns perfectly with our vision for Dreamers – offering not just a stay, but a literary immersion. The platform has consistently connected us with guests who are eager to delve deep into the essence of our offering.

4. The Superhost Edge

Being recognized as a Superhost on Airbnb has further solidified our trust in the platform. This distinction, which we wear with pride, underscores our commitment to hosting excellence and resonates with guests who seek top-notch experiences.

Although the broader discourse around Airbnb continues, our experience hosting with Airbnb has been overwhelmingly positive. The guests, the stories, the shared moments – all echo the genuine spirit of what Airbnb initially set out to be. At Dreamers Writing Farm, every Airbnb guest is a reminder of why we began this journey.

🌟 Consider Hosting with Airbnb – A Heartfelt Recommendation 🌟

For anyone considering the world of hosting, our journey might offer a fresh perspective. While no platform is without its quirks, our bond with Airbnb remains strong. If you’re thinking of embarking on this journey, using the Dreamers Writing Farm’s referral link gives you a hosting head start with a special bonus of $54 CAD.